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Let's become light as I want to shine in the future
This gleam wells up from the bottom of my heart

Even the dreams that had made me cry
Came true because I didn't give up
We all suffered in order to make it here, right?
We're just getting started so I won't falter anymore

Hold your aspirations close for your next task
There'll be a new world just for us (I know it's there)
We say "YOUSORO!!"

ヒカリになろう ミライを照らしたい

夢が生まれ 夢のために泣いたときでも
みんなみんな 悩みながらここへ辿りついたね
これからだよ いまはもう迷わない

あこがれ抱きしめて 次へ進むんだ
We say "ヨーソロー!!"