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I once was a child, with innocent eyes
And my family swore, they knew best for my life
I followed their rules, as I played with my friends
When it came to the world, I never thought it would end

And as I grew up, I could never be free
Cause the shackles I wore, can't be touched or be seen
My heart never loved, and my soul couldn't laugh
So much hate in my life, couldn't make out the path

And when I grew old, I was riddled with sin
Locked my soul in the dark, never let the light in
I crawled towards the gate, with little time left
I cried "What have I done?" as I took my last breath...

Help me Faith, help me Faith
Shield me from sorrow
From fear of tomorrow
Help me Faith, help me Faith
Shield me from sadness
From worry and madness
Lead me to the Bliss