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Under the fluorescent lamp, a few drops of residual ink in the tube flashed with sapphire-like color; the still-clear pen has a little matte surface <a href="http://www.vipusacigarett[...].com/">Cigarettes
Online</a>, which is the trace of each master's hand, which has been grinded over time; It represents the hard work of these years. I am a ballpoint pen left behind by generations of family. Now, I have run out of ink, and I have to spend it in the museum's display case, lying on a red silk pad with gold trim. Enjoy the peace after a hurry, enjoy the independent thinking after being manipulated for many years, I can't help but remember the past. In my working life, most people just stick out to touch my hand, but there are also some days when the masters get along with me. It is memorable and worthy of attachment.... I don��t have any memories of the production process. I know that I am one of the earliest family of atomic pens. And my first owner was found in a small shop. He chose me from more than a dozen almost identical pens. I came to the writer's home and stayed up late at the desk to accompany him. Under the dim candlelight, I jumped on the pale manuscript paper; with the music, I jumped out of a dance of supporters. The ink that leaked from the tip of the pen to the paper was the tear left for the owner: moving, sad, angry, and even joyful; I recorded the life at that time, and also told the years. In this way, from the hands of the first writer, I was passed down. As the family fell, I came to an accountant, and the relic that his father gave him before his death was me. From that day on, he always mentioned that I was keeping accounts for others <a href="http://www.cigarettesusas[...]">Newport
100S</a>. Out of the pen is some numbers that are meaningless to me, ignorant understanding, as long as the bigger the better. Recording the bills of the rich, I always feel that I am also very wealthy! The owner who has been in the rich for many years will save the money earned by the sheets and sheets, and one day, he will get rich. Thinking of this, I used a pen to laugh - the pen pulls - laughed. Looking up, I saw the opposite wall covered with the masterpiece of the master who became a famous writer. Next to his life story, the signboard in the past, the legend of my accountant��s riches, I am somewhat proud. My dearest master has succeeded, and I am their behind-the-scenes pusher <a href="http://www.vipusacigarett[...].com/">Cigarettes
For Sale</a>. The worn pen is the best proof that I have worked hard for my master.<br/>Related articles:<br/> <a href="http://mistraltweety.clan[...]msg20924">Newport
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