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Blizzard, who make Overwatch, also produce World of Warcraft so it makes sense that the games contain more than a few references to one another. To celebrate the release of Battle for Azeroth back in 2018, Blizzard released two new Tracer emotes, some Torbjörn voice lines and a number of player icons. As one of the best WoW gold suppliers, Raiditem will share the details with you.

In an expansion where most of the cinematic screen time has gone to Overlord Saurfang, a famously dour character, Azshara is a breath of fresh air. Which is ironic, really, considering she’s threatening all the characters with drowning. The World of Warcraft emotes for Battle for Azeroth are both for Tracer and have her planting either the flag of the Alliance or the banner of the Horde down.

For players who don’t know about the WoW emotes, seeing a Tracer pull them out can come as quite a surprise, and apparently provide endless entertainment to Bastion players. Besides, if you are looking for a legit and reliable WoW shop to buy WoW items and WoW gold, then our site definitely is your best choice. We also offer cheap WoW classic gold after it releases, raiditem won’t let you down!

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