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We are writing to provide you with important information about your GameMaker Studio 2 free trial, and changes to our legal documents.

30 Day Free Trial Changes & 20% Discount

From 4th June, we are making the following changes to the trial:

●         Your GameMaker Studio 2 free trial will now expire in 30 days.

●         The GameMaker free trial will no longer have any resource limits. While you won’t be able to create an executable to run your game outside the IDE without purchasing a licence, there are no limits to rooms, sprites etc. If you have old GMS1.x games, you can now import them and continue developing your game on GMS2.

●         You can access the Marketplace and buy items while using the free trial, however, you cannot register as a Publisher and sell items.

●         The GameMaker free trial will only be valid on the current version of GameMaker Studio 2, so if you have an older version installed, please be aware GMS2 will ask you to update. The ability to access older versions of the IDE is available with any paid licence.

●         Your current trial licence has been upgraded to a new 30 day trial which starts today, so you can start exploring the changes now.

To help you with moving to the paid version of GameMaker, we are providing a 20% discount on all GameMaker Studio 2 licences, which will be available until 4th July, 2019.
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